Santa Rosa Music Therapy

Ian Wilkerson is an experienced music therapist who is in love with music and the joy it can bring to people’s lives no matter what their situation, medically or spiritually. He brings his music therapy to the Santa Rosa area in order to service clients of all ages and needs. Santa Rosa Music therapy is fun, motivating and improves quality of life.

Being the son of a Reichian therapist, and coming from a family of healers, I work from a holistic perspective and integrate breath-work into my music therapy sessions when appropriate. Furthermore, I specialize in helping people find their own unique and empowered voices through improvisation and songwriting. I facilitate one-on-one songwriting sessions as well as group sessions. My principle instruments are guitar and voice, however, I also integrate bass guitar, piano, drums and other instruments into much of the work I do. I provide both music therapy and instruction to all individuals and focus on abilities and client preference to meet the individuals needs. Additionally, I received my certification in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) from The Center for Biomedical Research in Music (CBRM) at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.

Santa Rosa Music Therapy Sessions For Individuals

Santa Rosa Music Therapy Assessment
Ian makes an initial assessment to tailor a music therapy curriculum to the client’s needs. Assesses an individual’s emotional, physical, social and cognitive skills through the medium of music.

Music Therapy Sessions
Therapy Sessions include both active and passive aspects of music therapy. The active forms of music therapy include singing, improvisation, song writing and playing instruments. Passive aspects of music therapy include music listening, relaxation and imagery to music, song lyric interpretation and discussion. No music skills or knowledge are necessary to benefit from music therapy; the music therapist uses her knowledge of music, psychology and medicine to adapt the music or instruments to each client’s individual needs and level of experience. In addition to its therapeutic value, music therapy is fun, motivating and improves quality of life.

Santa Rosa Music Therapy Services for Older Adults
Music therapy services for older adults: wellness, speech and language rehabilitation for individuals who have had stroke or other brain injuries, Dementia, Depression, Grief/Loss, Anxiety, Social Isolation and Pre-op imagery and music. Services are provided at the music therapy office or in the home or nursing home for those who are not mobile.

Santa Rosa Music Therapy Services in Wellness
Music therapy services are focused on the following areas of wellness: Pain management, insomnia, stress and anxiety reduction, personal and spiritual growth, stress related high blood pressure, pre and post natal, birth, grief and loss including perinatal loss and subsequent pregnancy.

Santa Rosa Music Therapy Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and
Learning Disabilities

Santa Rosa Music therapy services are focused in the following areas: Expressive/receptive communication, Socialization, Self Expression, Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Oral Motor, Attention Span and Focus of Attention, Anxiety Reduction, Transitions, Self Esteem and General Skill building Assessments with detailed goals and objectives are offered for regional center or school clients, attendance at IEP.If you are looking for a great music therapist in the Santa Rosa area then give Ian a call to schedule your Santa Rosa music therapy sessions.