Our Philosophy

Bay Area Music Therapy - Music Therapy with Children

At Bay Area Music Therapy, we focus on the client first.

We are person-centered therapists who believe in a integrative approach to wellness. Rather than focusing on symptoms alone, we value the importance of preventative care and the mind-body connection.

We look at each of our clients as a whole person and not simply a diagnosis. We work with our clients’ abilities to address their needs and goals.

We believe that we all have music–inborn, innate. Our hearts beat rhythmically, our movements are rhythmic and fluid, just like music. Music is often a shortcut to reaching a person’s heart and soul, as well as having physiological effects, because our cells resonate with the frequencies of the music.

We have the capacity to be expressive through music, independent from a specialized skill set or musical aptitude. We have the ability to relate to one another through the universal language of music, as well as gain insights. Self-expression, creativity and self-empowerment are the foundation of our work as therapists, allowing us to provide our clients with a unique opportunity to grow their self-esteem through positive and successful music experiences.

Welcome to BAMT!

Bay Area Music Therapy is an organization dedicated to providing you with the highest quality integrative music therapy services. Our well-trained music therapists and adjunct providers can address the emotional, physical, psychological and social needs of you, your loved ones, or your community.

We offer person-centered & individualized music therapy programs and services to support creativity, self-expression and self-empowerment. Additionally, we provide a variety of educational and experiential music related wellness services.

We serve children and adults of all ages, needs and abilities. We work with special needs, senior care facilities, community outreach programs, stress & pain managements groups, as well as team building and wellness care in the corporate arena.

Bay Area Music Therapy has studio locations in Oakland and Santa Rosa, serving clients across the Bay Area, including San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay and North Bay.


Thank you SO much for your extraordinary drumming workshop with the Cystic Fibrosis Retreat this past week. The reviews were out of this world, and drumming has become one of our most demanded events for future years! You did an amazing job facilitating the session and getting this new group into the music. I love the chanting/singing, the meditation, the checking in about our emotions/physical sensations after drumming, and your ability to be a composer and raise and lower our drum beats. I fel…

Isabel Stenzel ByrnesProgram ManagerCystic Fibrosis Research, Inc. (CFRI)