Music therapist, Ian Wilkerson from Bay Area Music Therapy will be presenting a special lecture and music therapy group drumming workshop at Foothill College on June 17th, Wednesday at 7pm with instructor Bruce Tambling for the class MUS83A Intro to Music therapy and Sound Healing.

3397518_origTopics to be discussed:

1. Overview of Music Therapy, Scope of Practice and Best Practice

2. How do you become a board certified music therapist?

3. Overview of treatment interventions

4. Ian Wilkerson will then facilitate a group empowerment drumming experience

This class is the first of it’s kind in the California Community College system and features a stellar lineup of guest instructors. See the list here.

Ian Wilkerson’s presentation at Foothill College will be free and open to the general public. You are all invited and we would love to see you there.