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Welcome to BAMT!

Bay Area Music Therapy is an organization dedicated to providing you with the highest quality integrative music therapy services. Our well-trained music therapists and adjunct providers can address the emotional, physical, psychological and social needs of you, your loved ones, or your community.

We offer person-centered & individualized music therapy programs and services to support creativity, self-expression and self-empowerment. Additionally, we provide a variety of educational and experiential music related wellness services.

We serve children and adults of all ages, needs and abilities. We work with special needs, senior care facilities, community outreach programs, stress & pain managements groups, as well as team building and wellness care in the corporate arena.

Bay Area Music Therapy has studio locations in Oakland and Santa Rosa, serving clients across the Bay Area, including San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay and North Bay.


When our son was diagnosed on the spectrum, we felt really overwhelmed around how we would be able to provide nurturing, creative, and engaging supports versus the more traditional clinical models. We found BAMT and since his first day (almost a year and a half ago) our son has truly blossomed into an amazing, bright and talkative 4 year old. Music therapy has played to his strengths, encourages his creativity, has helped build his vocabulary and active listening skills, promotes peer play…
Kimberly A.Mother/Founding Executive Director of RYSE Youth Center